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DAY 23 – ML

Famous day 23 in history of hunger protests:

In 1994, Randall Robinson, a Washington lobbyist from TransAfrica Forum, went on hunger strike to protest the Clinton Administration’s refugee policies on Haiti.

On day 23, he was so nauseous from hunger that he had to be hospitalized as he could no longer drink fluids.

On day 27, the Clinton admin capitulated and agreed to change the policy.

He got the Clinton administration to change their Haiti policy in less than one month.

Robinson was a well-known and respected activist with a history of hunger striking and a Rolodex full of influential people but his previous efforts and threats had not been effective.

According to one analyst, Robinson perfectly followed the hunger strike rules of engagement:

1) Announce to the power that you are giving them one last chance to revoke their policy or you will go on hunger strike;

2) Alert the media;

3) Have a doctor on board who is willing to participate in the media and aligned with the issue;

4) Be willing to take it all the way (until death).

Now here are some reasons the SABC may be quiet so far. We did not announce it in advance. My own doctor is not happy to be in the media. I am certainly not willing to die for this.

But then that’s not the point really.

Much Love – ML


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