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DAY 25 – ML

Feeling much better today. Thank you for all those messages of support and solidarity. And thanks to those of you who are planning to join in the action.

To those couple people who are angered or upset and sending insults etc, what is it that has you so pissed off at me? What have I done exactly, to you? Just curious.

Today was one of those days you are not supposed to be having on day 25 of not eating as far as I would have imagined. Run off my feet from dawn to midnight, hardly a moment to breathe. Drop my daughter at school, this meeting, that meeting, blog, take some photos, work on projects, go to the doctor only to find out that he has left early as HIS daughter went into labour, and they called to let me know but called THE WRONG PERSON… And an evening meeting going, as I wrote, nearly until midnight… I don’t think I am supposed to be capable of this?

A group of AFDA first year students have begun documenting this journey last week, and will continue with those who continue after me. They are wonderful to work with and learning fast, but man, yet another thing to do in the day, liasing and helping them plan and think. AFDA doesn’t teach documentary at all, so they are really taking on something outside of any previous training they have, and I applaud them and hope we all will.

OK, thanks, that’s all for today.

Much Love – ML


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