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Day 5 for me – Gwen Britz

Well Michael

I am astounded at how upbeat you are, that you have made it this far, that you are polite, even nice to the naysayers. I acknowledge those that have joined this protest and are making themselves heard.

Day 5 for me and I cannot say I feel the same.  I don’t want to answer the phone because I know it’s a candidate begging for a job somewhere, anywhere, and I feel helpless in the face of it all.  Six of my candidates now have no income at all and four have been evicted from their homes.

Today I am very angry at the SABC which serves me in no way at all and I wonder when someone of substance will stand for this – celebrities, major production houses ANYONE who is ANYONE in this industry could take a stand yet they remain silent.  This in itself makes me wonder if things will ever really change at the SABC – even with a new board.  I have long thought this an incestuous industry, the clients that I have had so much respect for remain silent, the stars remain silent.  When I think of the people I have so admired and respected in this industry I think of them in a different way and wonder if I want to know them at all!

My stomach in NOT silent – it is rumbling, but hey water has a new taste for me, it tastes great!  If anything at all the re-membering of what water tastes like, has given me a new taste for life but today I am not in the mood to fight the system.  So today I will be gentle on myself.

Much love



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