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DAY 27 – ML

Tonight my friend Keith became the first person to say he’s not surprised I’ve only lost 11-12 kg. He says he wouldn’t have expected me to start losing too much yet.

He’s right. From what we’d both heard, that’s the way it works. The body is pretty safe from strain at least the first 30 days without food. People may react differently, and coming in healthy helps a lot. Only the first three days really did I have hunger pangs. The next week or so my mind reeled with reactions to food, the smells and the colors, what my daughter left on her plate, all the associations – but also I started noticing that I wasn’t hungry, so what was up with the craving? For me the past two weeks it’s been much easier to be around food comfortably. Only yesterday did I actually start getting hungry again. I admit that today I sucked on pistachio shells – my daughter’s suggestion. It was satisfying.

My weight has fluctuated oddly. On some days over the past week I’ve gained two kg. Is my body sucking in water preparing for the next phase. Or is it just I’ve upped my consumption to 7 or 8 liters, double what i was drinking before, after my doctor said my uric acid was through the roof.

So it’s hard to know what weight I’ve really lost. People say the place they most see it is in my face. Pretty much everyone says I look far better. That’s nice.


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