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DAY 1 – Kai

Hi there Michael,

I know it’s late, but i have something on my mind…
Why am i doing this? Why am i not applying myself to do something that will change the lives of millions of people, will better their lives for good?
Why am i starving myself for a governmental institution that doesn’t even care about me, doesn’t even hear my cries? They are blatantly insane and rude most days and i don’t even watch the fucking tv they put out there even though i shoot tons of it.

I have been involved indirectly with the sabc for over 11 years now and nothing has changed…

New talent (directors, producers, actors and D.O.P’s etc.) approach the sabc daily and intend to do amazing things. They have creativity and passion, but they end up being discouraged or their vision distorted beyong recognition most days.
Will it ever change? Do i even care? Is it worth risking my health, my life for it? I think not!!!

I have thought about this long and hard and i have decided not to participate in the Hunger Protest after all. It does feel like i am backing out of something rather huge, but i think i can help in other ways instead. I could document it, shoot the shit out of it!
So, i do apologise for going back on my word, but i cannot do this. Not now, not ever! Not when so little is at stake. I know you might feel tons and tons different about this, but as my friend and colleague i need you to understand this and respect it please…

I will support you in any way possible, just let me know what i can do. (except give up poptarts and donuts and my daily cup of coffee)


Kai Lacheiner
(Director of Photography)


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