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So I broke my fast on Saturday Day 14 – Gwen

I broke my fast on Saturday and can justify it with many reasons – some valid – some not – the fact is I started eating. As many of you know fasting is a regular thing for me and I do it at least 4 times a year. It is not a difficult thing to do but again I must stress that you need to know how to do it properly and you must consult your doctor before embarking on any fast. More importantly you must know how to break your fast properly or you can make yourself ill. Kudo’s to all who are still fasting and I will join again. In the mean time I will be actively seeking support for this cause in other ways. I will continue to support all those still fasting and urge everone to support those that are still fasting. This protest has raised awareness in ways I could not have imagined. Our voices are being heard and we are making a difference.

Much love



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