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DAY 8 – KQ

Today was particulrly difficult, my mom is very worried about my health and as a result is opposed to the strike. She is always extremely supportive of whatever I do, so this is very hard to deal with. I myself am starting to doubt if I can do the full 21days. but quiting now would greatly harm the strike action. We need more people from the industry to support. This strike is about regaining what is rightfully ours, this statement is directed at both the industry and normal south african audience members. I’m not normally a radical person, and many have commented that it would make more sense for me to fast for something religous or spiritual, not for a corporation that doesn’t even now my name. Wosre yet, I’m only a student, so this does not even directly affect me. But all these statements are so wrong. It does directly affect me, not only because I’m studying so that I can one day be employed in this very industry, but simply because I am a South African and I want to watch quality television that is relevant to who I am.

People need to wake up and realize what is happening.


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