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day 11 Sellomkn

that I am not taking the protest international needs to be corrected. The trip just coincided with the hunger protest. Continuing with my duties as normal, that is what is happening. The protest is an internal thing and there is no need going about hanging my dirty linen on foreign soils. While I will be on foreign soils my protest is off limits. That doesn’t necessarily mean I will break it. Like I am not carrying a placard to show everyone that I am protesting it shall remain so even when I am abroad. This is just domestics, magents

yeah it day 11 and I am going about with my duties as if all is normal. That is how I have carried on with life as  far as I can remember. Lived as if apartheid was normal. Carried a passbook as if it was not. Feared a white man and gave him undue respect as if it was normal. Lived, still lived  in the township as if it normal. Was there no harm done on me through out those miserable years? My spirit amputated by liberals who would lash out on me when I did quite fit into their perfect world. I am many south african are survivors of all that an more.

As I hear all these cries of care reprimands against harming myself, I just ask what could be worse. Of course I know what could be but when you feel what is happening to you as intense as I do then nothing could be worse than living a shadow of your own self and silhoutte of others.

All I am just saying is change is eminent. For every born free who articulates him/herself exquisitely in English there should a born bound to maintain english vernacular who speaks with same an African language. And that is not the case.


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