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Day 12 Sello MkN

Its the second day of the second third of my hunger protest and I have managed to ward off a cold that was attacking me and threatened my protest with boiled ginger root and some echinacea and propolis. I am feeling strong. I am reminded of food only when I see it. I am however not reminded of the reason why I am on a hunger protest. My resolve is fortified not by hunger pangs this time but by a burning conviction and a belief that what I am doing is a much needed action.

The SABC with its well documented problems, is no more than a window exhibiting the cultural disparities that persists in the country as far as I am concerned. The charter requires the SABC to encourage the development of South African expression by providing, in the official languages. This is a requirement that I probably to difficult fulfill artistically. Judge for yourself the training of African South African Actors. This contention I made almost ten years ago and it is something that really grinds my behind to the bone. but maybe making my stomach to grind itself as I speak. African Actors are expected by virtue of the birthright to be predispose to act in their particular languages. You have to be on our TV sets or watch some plays in the theatres to see this anomaly. Albeit that a lot of African South Africans don’t have second passports if they want to split from the country. This present cultural dispensation accords them with cultural migration. Creating cultural aliens, cultural misfits, travesties of our national identies.

The training that is carried presently limits the ability of the actors to be the appropriate mirror reflecting South African Kaleiodoscope. After BEE we need BCE, Black Cultural sorry not Empowerment but Emancipation. with emancipation, empowerment is certain.

Its not yet UHURU for African Culture. For those uncomfortable or opposed to my disposition would want to argue that I am against Eurocentric Culture which is a tired assertion. As I speak I am a composite of that Eurocentric culture. To deny it or deny my children attain it would only empoverish me and them. But by denying my children the acquisition of a strong African cultural sense and being I will be making them culturally wretched beings.

If the African bornfree’s are so well spoken in English and number of them at, Why is it that their white counterparts are not equal to the task in any of the African Language?

Today we may not be saying baas but with our cultural inclination we scream it from the recesses of self doubt and sense of feeling incomplete when we can’t articulate ourselves in English. And we passing characteristic to kids. "I hate to say these things about us but its true. We bark when a whiteman says bark, we bleed when a whiteman say bleed." I couldn’t help but echoe what Malcolm said, it felt more appropriate to accentuate my point.

A South African actor as far I am concerned should be a prism.

Sello MkN

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  naleli wrote @

A very interesting concept indeed!
Deep stuff this. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

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