taking a stand for local content and our nation's voice

Day 14 Sello MkN

I am getting showers of praise, support and ridicule. What matters is what I am prepared to stand for and put my life where my mouth is. Those who ridicule I can only say if you understood what the right to vote meant to any of you especially those who voted for the first time in 1994. This is what this means to me. Like many of our leaders did sacrifice their lives for the believed I am too.

What continues to baffle is how strong I feel and resolved I am. I love the culture in my country and it deserve more than its getting. It is this very culture that shaped and resonate in my breath, my walk and voice. It speaks of survival and I won’t sit back and watch its demise. It calls for me in the silences of my spirit.

Long live the South African African culture

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