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the beginning of my hunger protest day to day…

Hi Everyone.

How did i find out about the hunger protest, and what encourage me to join.

On Facebook i saw a group hungerprotest SABC, after knowing what was this group all about I became interested that i wanted to join and was so eager to join. Reason being i have studied Television Production, of which SABC is part of me enhancing my career in this industry and also where i want to see myself in this industry. Hearing things like Producers had to close down their offices because of SABC really made me lose hope and i almost ended up wanting to change my career.

after hearing about the hunger protest i felt, here’s a channel to voice out and say hey we are upcoming film makers we have a hope of achieving that, n to say please don’t take these matter lately and fix this matter.

that pushed me to go on with these hunger protest. Hunger protest gave me that feeling to say here are people who are like me, people who are sick and tired of the SABC. My journey with the hunger protest started.

At first i wasn’t really sure whether to do this or not, I was confused. I had a feeling that said everything happens for reason, and GOD knew why. before my journey i prayed to GOD for strength.

My Day to Day

the day before i started not to eat which was on Sunday, I made sure i enjoyed my meal. 

spent the day with my boyfriend, n i told him about me joining the hunger protest the first thing he said was  i’m wasting my time, n that the SABC won’t change. My answer to that was will know when we get to the bridge. being with him made me forget about food for the day but my way home i had a terrible headache, i only wanted to get home and sleep but unfortunately i was meeting the ANCYL but had no choice but to be in a meeting. drinking water really helped with the headache. i remember this day my temper was short.

In morning when i work up my sliver had a terrible taste, was a bit grumpy my stomach was grumbling, I was like oh my GOD i don’t believe im going through with these. I felt like its going to be a long day. I wanted to tell my mother but i decided to keep quiet about the hunger protest. i would tell my sister not to dish up for.

I have never been in a press release before. i took a train to get there with my bottle of water. first time meeting Michael Lee and the whole team of the hunger Protest. Michael never realised i’ve stopped eating, according to him i was suppose to start that dat we met. that day so drained out meaning my energy was lost but i had to be strong. I was to shy to even say something when the journalists asks questions.

After that day i got kick in me that said, i will finish my hungerprotest. With the strength GOD gave me.

My family knew about the hunger protest after the press release, my mother didn’t take me seriously, my sister said im bluffing i wont make it, my cousin said he will never do that at all its crazy. everyone’s comments made me strong.

During the protest my lips became really dry, lost weight everyday.  my cousins would eat in front me just to see my reaction. people started commenting about my weight, every time i would tell them the reason: why i am loosing weight, and the topic about the SABC will start. That is when i realised people in my community also feel that SABC is not the future any more, and other people will thank me for standing and others said what i am doing is just a waste of time.

Well not getting an update on what was happening at the SABC sometimes made feel, i am starving myself for nothing. funny thing i still wanted to continue not eating. Now i can eat funny thing going back to eating is not exciting, it seemed food became my worst enemy. 

I am very proud of Sello for joining and be part of hunger protest, the recognition and the attention was high. I started questioning myself about why the time it was me media was not in the story. whats up with our country. people only care if your famous and rich.

A thought came to my mind to say today’s oppression is no more black and white, now is between rich and poor.

I know now that only GOD knows my last destination in this world, Reason most people when i tell them how long i have gone without food they say if it were them they will die. but how do people know because only GOD KNOWS WHAT IS GOING TO TAKE THEM OUT OF THIS WORLD. 





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