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I have been quiet. Maybe understandable from the perspective that I would go through self interrogation. Interrogating a decision I thought I had thoroughly did I unpack. Self doubt crept in. Shaking my conviction in its very clinging to my passion. Beginning to internalise the general belief of those trumpeting the futility of this exercise. But I am one who has believed in what Jean Paul Satre aptly put when he said: "We what we are but the deep seated refusal to be what others want us to be." I have never been one to live on the discomfort of my conscience. When it came to making a stance for what I believe in I have never hesitated.

I have maintained that what is happening at the SABC is only a symptom of what prevalent on a national scale. And for it to be sorted it going to be done at a National level. So here is what has consolidated in my silence. My commitment for the change needs to come from national government. That where SABC’s salvation is coming from. So will the redemption of my woes come from. Otherwise its Aluta continua. Most importantly I am prepared to be the change I want. I have a history of doing so.

On Saturday I overheard somebody identifying as people always do. The person when on to remark. "Oh my, why is so emaciated?" I silently muttered because our culture is emaciated. I have lost 4inches of my body weight around my waiste. I am achieving what I set myself to achieve. That my body should be the representation of the wilting our away of my culture.

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