taking a stand for local content and our nation's voice


We are a growing collective of media professionals and audience engaged in a hunger protest against the  STARVATION OF LOCAL CONTENT by the SABC in its proposed solutions to the financial crisis.

We believe that the crisis at the SABC is not due to the recession as SABC executives have claimed, but by gross and inhumane mismanagement at the public broadcaster.

We assert it is time the SABC behave in a humane and transparent manner and take seriously its mandate to nurture and build the nation’s voice.

We call on the SABC to start by making its turnaround plans transparent and work with public stake-holders to guide the company back to health in a manner responsible to its mandate.

Each of us has committed to go at least 21 days without food. It is a rolling action, with new people joining on a regular basis.

We will continue our hunger protest until our demands are acknowledged and addressed by the SABC in a transparent and humane manner.

To ensure that the SABC is transparent in resolving the financial crisis, create awareness of SABC’s violations of and disregard for its mandate. To get the SABC to work in partnership with the South African people.

Calling attention to the sustained starvation of South Africa’s identity at home and around the world, causing the community to shame the SABC into taking action.

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