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1) See your doctor. Ensure you are fit to fast. Get a full checkup AND analysis of health history to find if there is anything unexpected that would make it unsafe or unwise to embark on a water fast. Examples are conditions that make it necessary to eat regularly such as hypo or hyperglycemia, anemia, etc. Recent operations to kidneys, liver, stomach, and other organs are also factors to consider.

2) Read our information about fasting here, and do further research yourself. Read the blog entries from others. Ensure you are aware of the benefits, experiences, and dangers of water fasts and are up for it. It may be healthful but it’s not easy.

3) Read the full text of our HUNGER PROTEST – FOUNDING STATEMENT. Ensure you are aligned with it and determined to stand for its contents. It takes commitment and resolve not to eat for three weeks and more, especially if you’ve never done it before.

4) Write us at and let’s have a chat! Please include your name, age, phone and email contacts, and a brief description of why you want to fast.

5) VERY IMPORTANT: all protesters must have the alignment of the core friends and family who will support them throughout the time.

6) If you skip any of the above steps, we will ask you to fulfill them first before embarking on any work with us.

7) We will ask you to sign an agreement of your commitment, including your agreement to stay in regular communication with the community via the blog. The community forms another source of support for this voyage.

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